Manufacture of Attachments & Rubber Pads

Established in 2009, Xuzhou Crafts Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. dedicated to manufacturing cost-effective excavator attachments, paver track pads, and road roller rubber buffers. After these years developing, now, we have two factories for different products. One is 10,000㎡ and specialized in producing excavator attachments and skid steer loader attachments; the other is 7,000㎡, manufacturing the asphalt paver rubber track pads and the road milling machine polyurethane pads, as well as rubber buffers of road roller machine.

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Does a Bigger Capcity Bucket Bring you a Better Digging Efficiency
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    When using a general-purpose bucket on an excavator, there are several important techniques and precautions operators should follow. Paying attention to the following points will improve productivity, reduce wear, and prevent damage when working with a GP bucket: Adjust ...